where can I get a free psychic reading online?

where can I get a free psychic reading online?
i remember i went to a website before but i forgot which one it was where they let me chat with someone for like 15 minute free or something like that… i dont mind paying a little but i can’t find an online psychic…

Suggestion by Misscpb

Try the web sites below, they are all free of charge for psychic or mediumship readings ok.

(24hr chat room and forum, also check out the calender as they do free classes online)




Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

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Any free psychic reading sites online?
I would like to ask a psychic some questions. Anywhere I can do this for free, online?

Suggestion by heather
I’m psychic. Add your questions in additional details or email me at Heather0106@verizon.net and I will answer them. But I will get back to you quicker if you put it in additional details. I don’t check my email much.

Suggestion by *Lil*RED*
Yes…the cards hav much 2 say…I can read tarrot cards and they are almost always accurate! What is ur sign…send me ur email & i will give u a general reading (for free this time lol)

Suggestion by James Lee
It can be done by email from real psychics.

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Do you know where I can find a free psychic reading online?
I don’t want to pay money for a phone call, and I just a little worried and I want to know what’s in store for me.

Suggestion by Vasudev P
Please write birth details hear is a free reading

Suggestion by Love and Light
http://www.famous-psychic-advice.com/ is always here to help xx

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  1. tash says

    Hey there, I have been reading tarot cards for 15 years and I give readings right to your email. Visit my website at http://www.tarotbytashi.com

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