How do I contact Long Island Medium theresa Caputo?

How do I contact Long Island Medium theresa Caputo?
Does anyone know where I can contact Theresa Caputo for a group reading? Her website seems to be downs. Do you know of an updated website with an email that she will actually respond to?
Thank you.

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concentrate really hard !

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How do I get in contact with Theresa Caputo aka long island medium?
Her website does not work so I need a different way because I would really love to get a reading, thanks!

Suggestion by Lionel1020
If she is any good she will know you are looking for her and she will contact you….

Suggestion by Caleb
The bible says not to use mediums

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Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan welcomed “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo to “LIVE! with Kelly and Michael” on Friday, September 14, 2012. She stayed after the show to read members of the show’s studio audience — and you can watch the web-exclusive video! Watch “LIVE! with Kelly and Michael” every weekday morning — click here for time and channel:

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