Have anybody receive a free email reading from psychic source? Was it good?

Have anybody receive a free email reading from psychic source? Was it good?
This is my first time trying it and i am anxious to know my result. Out of curiousity, what does your reading say. Was it accurate?

Suggestion by Shenaynay
If it seemed accurate it was probably because it was very general and could apply to anyone, this is known as the Forer effect – there are no real psychics.


Be careful, offering free psychic readings sounds like the first step in some sort of scam.

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Has anyone ever used Psychic Source?
I’ve used psychic Source a few times, I mostly talk to Narnia I’m just curious if anyone else has used this company an had the results come true from your reading.

My reading with Psychic Source told me my ex would be returning to me in 3-10weeks she had no exact day that he would contact me but she saw that by April we should be a happy couple again

Suggestion by PUDGY
I USE HOT SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!

Suggestion by James Lee
I heard they are good, how about your readings with them?

Suggestion by Donna Jones
There’s actually a great site, http://www.psychicreviewonline.com/psychic-source-review.php that gives real reviews of people who have tried Psychic Source. The company has been around for over 20 years, and they have over 200 Psychics to choose from. Check them out online and read their reviews.

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any one know a psychic line thats hireing, (no keen or psychic source, ca psychics)?
i need a on-line job doing psychic readings any one have any info

Suggestion by Chainlighningâ…ś
Why not prove your ability if you need money? There is a million dollars waiting for simply doing what you claim.
If you were psychic, you would know if they are hiring.

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