Can you scan your palm on your computer screen?

Can you scan your palm on your computer screen?
That is because I went on this website and it said free palm readings. I placed my palm on the screen and it scanned. Is that possible? I want a quick answer please because it said that somebody in my family was gonna loose a job and it also said that seperation will fall within my family in less than 16 months. IS that possible? I have a regular computer screen.

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Where can I hire a palm reader for a party in NH?
Our NH-based company is attending a trade show event in September, and we’d like to hire a palm reader to give free palm readings. Preferably someone with a sense of fun!

Suggestion by mixedmami
that stuff is a form of w!tchcr@ft just informing u nobody knows the future but God prophets exist who speak through God but psycics and palm reading uhn-uhn

Suggestion by Phil-IT
Free newspapers are full of ads!
I would talk to them on the phone a minute or 2 to “test the sense fo fun” though :)

Suggestion by james h
Palm Springs.

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