Are psychic mediums real or are they just good at guessing?

Are psychic mediums real or are they just good at guessing?
I recently went to a psychic medium angel healer and at the time i thought she was pretty good. However, now i think she could have possible been “cold reading” and i just wondered if there’s anyone who is living with psychic powers and how they work?

Suggestion by madratfm
There are a lot of fake psychics out there, but there are some real ones too. My mum is psychic and she knew stuff she couldn’t possibly have otherwise known. There was a thing on tv a while ago where a psychic met someone on a different show who never told anyone that he was going to get his show moved to a different channel and she knew, even though only that guy and the managers of the two channels involved knew, and she didn’t even know who she was going to meet till she got there. If the psychic you went to asked a lot of questions like ‘name starting with B? E? G? K?’ then they were fake. But if they said stuff straight away that they shouldn’t have known, then they’re real. I hope I helped icon smile Are psychic mediums real or are they just good at guessing?

Suggestion by Perry
They are very good at judging and reading people. The have experience in taking cues from you and then telling you what you are concerned about.
Psychic powers have not been scientifically proven to be real so don’t believe in it too much or you will lose all your money to them!

Suggestion by Slave
There ARE Many “Real Psychics” around, some earn a living from it but most are very quiet about what they can do. You can always tell a “Fake” Psychic quite easily. …. Go & have another reading done. ALL Psychics, the real & the fake will ask you questions. That is normal. The difference is, the Fakes depend upon what YOU Say to give their reading. No Response & “ohhh, the spirits are fading” or some such malarky to goad You inti Giving the appropriate answers! If you deliberately give False Answers, they will give a reading on them, then when you tell them that you lied, they will come up with some story to cover their mistakes. Usually something like.”Yes, the otherworld told me you spoke falsely. I wanted to tell you what Would happen, but they(the “so called Guides”) told me you need to learn a lesson & telling you would teach you nothing & so on.” Anything to cover their own RRRs! …… If on the other hand you say at the very beginning,(politely), “I am not going to answer any questions or say anything, I just want to hear your reading.” & then you sit back & let them give you a reading,, AND When it’s about 95% Accurate or more,, Then you know that you have been ‘read’ by a Real Psychic! Oh, one more thing,,,, Psychic reading over the phone or ANY Electronic means IS IMPOSSIBLE! ALL Who do that ARE Fakes!

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Has anyone ever had a good experience with a psychic/medium?
I am considering seeing a medium to try and contact loved ones that have “crossed over.” I have never actually heard anybody saying they’ve had a good experience with an actual psychic/medium before. Is there anyone who actually has had a good experience with one?

Suggestion by josh mctav
They tell you what you want to hear, I know people who had good experience but no it is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is fake, but it can be good if you don’t know that it is fake

Suggestion by Aaron
I’ve had one, but it was for free and had nothing to do with people who’ve “crossed over”…. I don’t usually believe in psychics, most of them just tell you what you want to hear so you give them money….. I definitely don’t believe in them contacting loved ones…. like that john edwards guy, he’s a real douche

Suggestion by J
Yes. Mary Occhino. She has her own psychic talk show on Sirius radio. You can call in and get a quick question answered. She also does email readings, phone readings, video readings, and in-person readings. And yes she can communicate with the deceased. She lives in New York and she is totally legitimate. It’s pricey to get a reading from her (even electronically)and there’s a long waiting list to see her in person, but she will change your life.

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Psychic Medium John Edward connects a father with his only son, who died tragically.

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8 Responses to Are psychic mediums real or are they just good at guessing?

  1. William December 7, 2012 at 3:34 pm #

    I work with a psychic/medium whe doing ghost hunts. The only time she charges is when someone specifies when they wish her to be in a specific place at a specific time. Her observation is that since she cannot guarantee results, how can she justify charging. I would stay far away from anyone in the field who guarantees results, and I am leary of those who charge for readings. Historically the people with abilities largely supported themselves via other means and merely accepted whatever was offered when someone wished their services, be it of large or small value. Of course for truly serious matters, historically you made the request for help, including giving what you offered, and the person with the abilities had three days to consider whether or not to help.

  2. natasha December 7, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    Yes. I have had plenty of readings with mediums before I found out that I was a medium. I just do it on the side now because I don’t like attracting a lot of spirits around my child. Its actually exciting. Whoever you are trying to contact will be very excited that you want to talk to them. They are always trying to get our attention. If you believe in them you will notice them. If you don’t you will never notice them around you. They even ride in the car with you and check on you when you are sleep. They are always around mediums because they have a light around them. Mediums can talk to them and sense when they are around. I occasionally have unwanted spirits in my home. The ones that don’t honor my wishes to be left alone. A medium can control the spirits too. If you want I can give a number to a great medium. She doesn’t cost that much but you will be defiant to be in contact with your loved one and possibly other family members you never met. Email me. Good Luck.

  3. Dr. Michael December 7, 2012 at 2:26 pm #

    Yes, psychic mediums are real and the messages they give from the realms of Spirit are real. Many, like Connect with Spirit…, earn their living by giving accurate readings and mediumship channelings from deceased loved ones.

    How does the psychic mind really work? How is it different from your own mind? Wait… Why can’t you paint like Michaelangelo, make music like Mozart, or invent like Leonardo DaVinci? What makes humans really different in their abilities? Who knows? But I can tell you this … everyone has psychic ability … everyone gets “messages” (hunches, intuitions, dreams, feelings) about whether they should or should not do things. Everybody. The truth is … When we don’t listen to that internal voice or feeling, don’t we get angry at ourselves for knowing we should have listened? And, everyone has good and bad days, even psychics. Instead of being fearful of being taken in by someone less clear, why not choose someone who has a good reputation, and dozens of testimonials to prove it, and let the information be your convincer of are they “real” or not? If the clairvoyant psychic medium gave you information that ONLY YOU and Spirit could know… then they are real. ‘Nuff said.

    Then again, we just might be “guessing.” And, if we were… we would be among the famous psychic medium channelers like Edgar Cayce, Sylvia Browne, Gordon Smith, James Van Praagh, John Edward, Sonia Choquette, Esther Hicks, and many, many others. Not a bad crowd to be in.

    Dr. Michael and K
    Connect with Spirit

  4. Abhayam December 7, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

    You cannot know unless you get them referred by your family, or friends. Alternatively, you can also check online for reviews by people who have used a psychic. Sometime, you may go through couple of psychics before you found a matching one.

  5. Kevin December 7, 2012 at 1:07 pm #

    good old question
    yer they are real. But yer dont panic because of this one reading. She could of just been having an off day. Generally causes the reduced ability.
    but yes they are very much real. even modern science is proving the psychics are real.
    Anyways psychic powers is basically, just another sense. Everyone has these abilities, just requires practice in order to bring them out. Someone who has complete control over themselves, and is able to bring this psychic abilities. The way the do this is generally concentrating on getting into the a state of mind, or deep relaxation, in which they become sensitive the energies around them.
    When you trying to predict something, the most accurate answer comes from the feeling when you just know. u dont know how you know, but you know.

    anyways if you want me to go over it in more detail, just shoot me an email, and i can help you out ;)

    Chi Practitioner.

  6. The Snake December 7, 2012 at 1:07 pm #

    Some are 100% real, but there are also fakes out there who are just trying to take your money.

  7. Crystal R December 7, 2012 at 12:45 pm #

    There are some true psychic’s around. I have a friend who even works with police to help find missing people, and occasionally to murderers. She actually quite well known for doing this.

  8. Emmanuel M December 7, 2012 at 12:38 pm #

    There are no real psychic mediums, they are all fakes, and what they do is only listen to you and guess what you have told them, and they make up the stuff as they go a long, you provide them with your Information, and they use it to their advantage.They rake your money, for what you have told them., Do not be silly and wast your money to people who tell the future or any mediums, cause there is nobody who can tell you what is going to happen, your information give them the knowledge about your self, and only that can give a guess of what your future could be like.

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